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Lilypads approach process is based upon “Bringing science to real estate investing” From our Investment management platform and transaction market place software. Lilypads has taken on a modern way to invest in commercial real estate through science.


We bring science and technology to
commercial real estate

DNA of a Capital-Raising SPV

Successfully launching and running a fund has everything to do with properly structuring and administering investment vehicles that are used to invest in private assets. This is true whether these private assets are companies, real estate projects, secondary opportunities, farmland, opportunity zones or almost any form of private asset with the potential of creating value

Attribution Analysis ​

  • Use Lilypads pro-forma portfolio analysis to help you uncover which investments are driving risk and return across your portfolio.

  • Break down the risk factor exposures for your investments.

  • Reduce compliance risk

    Review a summary report of rule checks for every transaction to aid your compliance practices. Lilypads codifies business policies and state suitability rules to streamline the investing experience.

  • Enhance transparency and trust

    Gain real-time visibility to track transactions and monitor investor holdings and relationships. Lilypads provides continuous reporting and economical research data


Lilypads takes the complexity out of factor analysis. The A.I Analysis decomposes risk into factors that can give you a clear understanding of how to better manage your portfolio and identify diversification opportunities.​​
  • Streamline Investment operations

    Reduce processing time and NIGO rates and creates connectivity between intermediaries to transmit data directly into third-party systems.

  • Increase access & distribution

    Provide a better client experience. Lilypads streamlines the investing experience by removing operational barriers, opening up distribution channels, and access to more investors.

Liquid Assets

Lilypads intelligently converts returns, including quarterly NAVs, to daily return streams to provide you with more granular insight into how market volatility impacts illiquid investments.

Performance Forecasting

  • Research

    Lilypads convert your capital markets assumptions into forecasted, expected returns for investments or portfolios.

  • Data Collection

    Lilypads algorithms use statistical analysis to predict continued outperformance or underperformance of assets relative to benchmarks.

  • Targeting

    Leverage Lilypads functionality to get up-to-date performance estimates for investments or portfolios in the absence of recent marks.




Hours spent after
conceiving Lilypads

How we

Solve Problems

Lilypads investors enjoy the option to select and directly invest in specific commercial real estate assets rather than investing into a blind pool.

Real estate performance has low correlation to public markets and is structured to provide a hedge against market volatility

Real estate, when properly leveraged, is a tangible asset intended to preserve capital

Real estate is designed to generate stable, predictable cash flow, through booms and busts

Our Investors

has the ability to invest directly in an assets comes deal level transparency, Our platform provide a summary of information about each property, including business model and planned improvements, prospective tenants and projected performance metrics, peer review grade on investment with specific syndicate or fund

Cost Effective

Lilypads offers investors with more advantageous investment structure.

How we do it ?

Lilypads use’s complex rigorous inquiry, data analysis, and invention to help solve the toughest challenges across Commercial Real Estate investing. We use Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, distributed computing and other technologies to fine connection in Commercial Real Estate data to improve investment decision and create an expedited approach to funding


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