Top multifamily industry trends in 2022

multifamily industry trends

The past decade has seen a constant demand for multifamily housing. Department of Housing and Urban Development shows there are nearly 32.6 million residential units. Out of that number, approximately 24.6% are multifamily units. As CBRE anticipates that the economy will rebound as the pandemic seems to be over. Commercial real estate sees new multifamily […]

How will Biden’s infrastructure bill impact commercial real estate?

biden's infrastructure bill

What is Biden’s infrastructure bill? On 15th November 2021, president Joe Biden signed one of the largest infrastructure bills America has ever seen. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is set to target those long-pending public infrastructure projects in motion. With a value of $1.2 trillion, Biden’s infrastructure bill of 2021 is one […]

What to consider in post-pandemic commercial real estate investments?

post-pandemic commercial real estate trends

On March 20, 2020, the world came to a standstill. The global pandemic had an adverse impact on almost every business and person. With endless lockdowns, the lifestyle of people saw a permanent change. People can no longer go outside, meet, socialize as they used to. This change in lifestyle and work habits has not […]

Future of Drive-thru Real Estate: Increase in Investment Demand

drive thru real estate

Drive-thru establishments have been around for quite a long time and have stayed the same since the beginning. All that changed in March of 2020, with the spread of Covid-19, the restaurant businesses came to a standstill. Dine-in restaurants had to close their shutters due to social distancing and the only way for food businesses […]

Benefits of peer to peer lending in real estate

peer to peer lending

Earlier investors had a single option of bank loans for financing their real estate investing ventures. But now peer-to-peer lending is the new financial technology in the block that eases the process. So, individuals can lend money to other individuals with the help of an intermediary website.  Hence, peer-to-peer lending or P2P lending is also […]

What is a fix and flip strategy?

fix and flip strategy

A fix and flip investment technique involves purchasing an old property at a cheap sale price, repairing and remodeling the same, and selling it for profit at a much higher price. House flipping is pretty common amongst residential real estate investors. There are lots of HGTV shows that are aimed at fixing and flipping investment […]

What are Fix and Flip Loans?

fix and flip loans

What is fix and flip? House flipping is a very popular investment technique amongst savvy real estate investors. So, fix and flip methods ha a very good opportunity of making money. However, fix and flip loans finance fix and flip projects best.  Conventional mortgages are not suitable for investment property loans as they suit long-term […]

Benefits of Real Estate Syndication

real estate syndication

What is real estate syndication? Real estate syndication is nothing else but the pooling of capital by a group of investors to acquire a large property. It is a partnership between several investors with a combination of not just each other’s capital but also their resources and skills. Real estate syndication is similar to the […]