What are Lilypads Credit Partners?

LCP allows Investors to participate in investor’s deals. In exchange for the permit to participate in the deals, the Investors pay carries to the Lead.

How do I back Lilypads Credit Partners?

To invest in Lilypads, you must be a qualified, accredited investor. After you have been approved to invest you can search for credit partners who can join you. 


If you navigate to the all Syndicates page in your Investor Dashboard you can browse numerous public Syndicates. 


The Credit Partner may also invite you directly to their Syndicate by sending you a link to their public profile. After you receive the invite you can click the ‘Back credit partners’ button to apply for backing the Lilypads Credit Partners.

What do I commit to when I back Lilypads Credit Partners?

When you opt to back a Credit Partner, you don’t need to invest in any deals. 


When you commit to back Lilypads Credit Partners, you are committing to keeping any information you receive secure, private, and highly confidential.

Where can I see all the Lilypads Credit Partners I have backed?

You can view a list of all the Credit Partners you have backed on the Your Syndicates page within your Investor Dashboard.

Can I increase my investment?

Yes, you can increase your investment amount through your Dashboard as long as your deal is still live and raising. Navigate to the “Commitments” tab in your “Deals” tab in your Dashboard to select the particular deal you want to fund by increasing your investment amount.

Can I decrease my investment?

The GP decides whether or not you can decrease your investment. Please mail us at [email protected] to drop your request to decrease your investment.

When will a syndicate to which I applied confirm whether I was accepted to it?

While Leads often review applications frequently, it is uncertain as to when a particular Syndicate will respond.


Where can I view all my syndicates?

You can see the list of all the Syndicates that you have applied to, on the Syndicates Page at the header of your Invest Dashboard.


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