Beta is a statistic that shows how well the returns of a particular asset track those of a particular market. It also indicates how volatile the asset is. The beta of the market volatility index is 1.0

A beta more than 1.0 could specify an investment moves with the market and/or is more sensitive than the market. Accumulating an investment with a beta greater than 1.0 to a widely distributed portfolio should increase the portfolio’s hazard.

A beta of less than 1.0 specifies that only some of its returns are due to overall market movements. Hence, accumulating an investment with a beta less than 1.0 to an effectively distributed portfolio should decrease the portfolio’s hazard.

A beta of zero signifies that an investment’s returns are self-regulating to market returns.

A beta of -1.0 indicates a 100% negative connection between the investment and the market.

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