5 steps of a commercial real estate transaction process

Every commercial real estate investing follows a similar lifecycle. This is known as the commercial real estate transaction process. It is also referred to as a commercial real estate deal process. A Commercial real estate transaction is the process of transferring the rights of commercial property like office space, industrial multifamily rentals or retail, etc, […]

1031 exchange rules for investors

1031 exchange rules

Savvy commercial real estate investors utilize the 1031 Exchange strategy to diversify their holdings and expand their portfolios. Furthermore, they can also increase their net worth faster. So, if an investor wants to sell their commercial assets, they must seek the popular tool of 1031 exchange to maximize their profits and avoid paying capital gains […]

Mezzanine debt in commercial real estate

mezzanine debt

Mezzanine debt helps commercial real estate investors bridge the gap between their equity and the senior debt a lender will provide them. It provides the possibility to earn a higher return rate on their investment. It’s a form of subordinated debt. Now, let’s go through mezzanine debt commercial real estate in detail. What is a […]

Impact of depreciation on REITs and private placement investments

impact of depreciation

Many investors want to know the impact of depreciation on private placement investments and also on REIT investment. This blog is for those investors. Through this blog, we will deliver a brief overview of depreciation and its impact on private placement investments and REIT investment. So, go through the sneak peek of the blog to […]

How to create residual income in real estate?

residual income in real estate

Most people rely on their salaried income for their living. However, savvy investors aim for creating additional streams of residual income through real estate investments. In this blog, we will discuss how investors can create residual income in real estate besides their linear income. What is Residual Income? Residual income is the amount of net […]

Property classes in commercial real estate

property classes in commercial real estate

There are various types of commercial real estate property classes and types. Each of these property classes has different characteristics. Therefore, while commercial real estate investors have a wide variety of investment options in this asset class, it is noteworthy that they should carefully analyze individual property classes in commercial real estate before investing in […]

How to generate passive income in real estate?

passive income in real estate

Most people have a single source of income, which they generate from their job. This is their active income which they earn in exchange for their services. However, investors can generate a stable source of passive income in real estate. Through passive investing in commercial real estate, financial-minded investors can have multiple streams of income. […]

What is a REIT- An investor’s guide to Real Estate Investment Trusts


Real estate Investment Trusts or REITs is an emerging concept in the real estate market. A REIT is modeled after mutual funds and they channel investable capital into owning, operating, or financing commercial real estate assets. Hence, REITs enable real estate investors to diversify their investment portfolios without bearing any additional risks. What is a […]

The impact of Hybrid Workplaces on commercial real estate

hybrid workplaces

The outbreak of COVID-19 and prolonged lockdowns led to the adoption of remote working all over the world. However, companies across major industries are slowly permitting physical working from offices, as more employees are getting fully vaccinated. But, the hybrid work environment has forced the companies to rethink their office portfolios and reconfigure their workplaces […]

Predictive analytics real estate: Top 5 use cases

predictive analytics real estate

While Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) is gaining relevance in real estate, predictive analytics is also disrupting the market in several ways. From value prediction and property search to portfolio management and predictive maintenance, predictive analytics real estate is instrumental in implementing non-traditional variables of underlying data to churn out data-driven insights for accurate […]