Full-service Broker
empowerment for CRE

Lilypads provides a centralized platform where you can gain a real-time holistic view of your listings, acquisitions and transactions that innovates your operations and thrives your business

Boost Efficiency

Tools and services streamline the listing, sale, and closing of properties, fast-tracking sales for broker and seller

Increase Performance

Listings on Lilypads perform better, with expert marketing support and a global buyer network at your fingertips

Extend Reach

Organize all your transaction tasks with the Lilypads platform. Transactions happen 3x faster in the engaged Lilypads environment

Gain Certainly

Sell any property with more certainty thanks to the high-touch, full service partnership of the Lilypads team

All your properties and deals in
one place

Ace your end-to-end customer experience

Until now, investor communications have been uninviting, uninformative, and unimaginative. Lilypads provides brokers the opportunity to transform this compliance function into an experience that customers deserve

Compliance has never looked so good

Access real-time reporting through Portal. Radical transparency gives peace of mind to compliance teams and sophisticated data analytics offers insights to enhance your customer experience

Fast, digital and transparent

Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of the future. You can trust our data-centric approach

  • No long term contract

  • Post Listings in your MLS and social medias directly

  • Organise all your offers in one single page and share them with your sellers directly

  • Get notified via email or texts when a new offer comes along that sellers can compare

  • Help your buyers win more bids through an improved communication channel with the sellers

  • Unlimited document and eSignatures storage with 100% title security with Blockchain.

  • Collect signatures of both users and non-users of Lilpads and share every step of the process with the concerned parties

  • Create checklists, reminders and alerts

  • Full API integration with other apps and exclusive customised solutions for your brokerage

  • Instant, personalized onboarding of new agents and users with 24*7 support and training programs

  • Dedicated account manager

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