Types of Real estate crowdfunding investments

Although Crowdfunding is a relatively newer subject in Real estate, it has quickly gained popularity in the mainstream investment arena. Hence, its growing demand has led crowdfunding investment vehicles to be further branched into subdomains. The ‘perfect crowdfunding scheme’ is an investment myth. So, the method that aligns with one’s risk tolerance and returns expectations […]

Why are Opportunity Zones Investments better than 1031 exchanges?

Opportunity zones Investments

For a long time, 1031 exchanges have continued to allow real estate investors to defer capital gains tax. With 1031, the investors roll their investment deals forward to another ‘like kind’ exchange for an indefinite period while deferring taxes on the way. However, the advent of opportunity zones has proven to be a viable alternative […]

5 Multifamily financing options for multifamily investors

mutiifamily financing

Multifamily is a smaller yet lucrative subset of the broader commercial real-estate industry. While one wishes to experiment with the chances and profit, starting off with a smaller two-unit affordable housing is also profitable. Time and again multifamily investments have proven to be a medium for investors to increase their net income and profit margins. […]

Why is build-to-rent housing attracting multifamily investors?

multifamily investment in build-to-rent housing

Homeownership has been harder than usual in the United States with 1 in over 8 American Adult, struggling with student loans and other financial hardships. Therefore, build-to-rent homes are in high demand, thereby proving to be a lucrative area for real estate investors to expand into in 2021. What does the term Build-to-rent (BTR) refer […]

How multifamily real estate is a hedge against inflation

Multifamily real estate inflation

Commercial real estate investments are an excellent way to diversify one’s real estate portfolio. However, multiple COVID-19 stimulus packages, staggering money supply, and fiscal budget deficits have led the experts to predict higher than normal rates of inflation in the long run. Nevertheless, historical trends have shown that multifamily real estate investments have had a […]

The American Rescue Plan Act: 5 ways it provides relief to the multifamily real estate

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

On March 11, the U.S Congress signed the American Rescue Plan act of 2021 into law. President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package. It is considered to be one of the largest economic relief packages. The American Rescue Plan aims to provide millions of American households with rental assistance and unemployment benefits. It also […]

Value-add multifamily investments: how to get great returns?

value-add multifamily investments

In today’s low-yield market environment of commercial real estate, value-add multifamily investments are gaining popularity among investors.  Real estate investors are preferring value add commercial real estate investments over stable assets due to their potential to win after renovations and infrastructure upgrades. Furthermore, value add apartment investing strike a balance between stable cash flow and […]