How fractional ownership is changing the commercial real estate

fractional ownership of commercial real estate

Commercial real estate investment has always been a popular asset class for investors. But the huge initial capital requirement and the illiquidity of the investments stop smaller investors from entering the market. However, the rise of blockchain tokenization and fractional ownership help smaller investors to invest in premium commercial properties. What is Fractional Ownership? Fractional […]

Blockchain in real estate investment

Blockchain in real estate is restoring much-needed transparency and efficiency in the core real estate operations. But also, blockchain is transforming real estate investment processes.  This article will walk you through how private permissioned blockchains implement property tokenization, fractional ownership, and crowdfunding to ease real estate investments. Types of blockchain Public permissionless blockchain A public […]

Blockchain in Real Estate: use cases and benefits

The world today is on the brink of an extraordinary revolution driven by “the great growling engine of change-Blockchain”. From banking and finance, real estate, and healthcare to Government processes, Blockchain is disrupting existing industrial arrangements, one after another. In this blog, we will discuss the various applications and benefits of Blockchain in real estate […]