Pros and cons of private equity real estate partnership

private equity real estate partnership

With private equity real estate partnerships, passive investors can reap several benefits. These include portfolio diversification, multiple asset flexibility, tax efficiency, risk dispersion, and many others. Therefore, passive investors can enjoy asset management and direct commercial real estate ownership. Let’s discuss the benefits of private equity real estate partnership: 1. Private equity real estate funds […]

How to generate passive income in real estate?

passive income in real estate

Most people have a single source of income, which they generate from their job. This is their active income which they earn in exchange for their services. However, investors can generate a stable source of passive income in real estate. Through passive investing in commercial real estate, financial-minded investors can have multiple streams of income. […]

What is a REIT- An investor’s guide to Real Estate Investment Trusts


Real estate Investment Trusts or REITs is an emerging concept in the real estate market. A REIT is modeled after mutual funds and they channel investable capital into owning, operating, or financing commercial real estate assets. Hence, REITs enable real estate investors to diversify their investment portfolios without bearing any additional risks. What is a […]

The future of real estate crowdfunding after COVID-19

real estate crowdfunding

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on real estate investments. Several institutional quality investment plans have temporarily halted during this phase. However, the advent of real estate crowdfunding benefits both sophisticated as well as boutique investors. Hence, they can get their unfinished projects rolling in full swing. In this blog, we will […]

State income tax benefits for real estate investors and REITs

state income tax benefits for real estate investors

Real estate remains one of the most popular and lucrative investment strategies for accumulating long-term wealth. In addition to creating a steady residual income and portfolio diversification real estate offers a number of tax advantages. Ranging from commercial real estate investments to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and private placement investments, real estate provides big […]

The impact of rising interest rates on REITs

rising interest rates REITs

Over the past years, interest rates have plummeted to historically low rates. This has resulted in yield-starved commercial real estate investors taking cover in alternative investments like the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). As REITs offer stable revenues, value-adding, and traceability of assets, investors deem them low-risk investments. But, with interest rates likely to soar […]