Deals by Deals

Raise privately on a deal-by-deal basis and leverage the Lilypads Platform Capital for faster funding of your deals. Whether you’re leading a single deal or several, Lilypads Syndicates are the smartest way to run an SPV. 

Fundraise publicly​

Unlike traditional funds, Deal-by-Deal fund fall under SEC rule 506(c), Which means they are publicly marketable.

Start investing right away

Our always - on quarterly subscription mode means you can start investing with less capital upfront.

Continuosly accept new capital

Leverage portfolio markup and accept new capital quarterly, so you never need to raise another fund again.

Invest in SPV syndicates

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a data centric approach that you can trust

Increase access to capital

Raise more, faster by leveraging the Lilypads Access Fund and network of accredited investors.

Earn carry

Receive carried interest and adjust what you share per LP per deal.

Build your network

Establish yourself as a proven GP and build your network and LP backing.

The new way to structure
a deal

Utilize the Lilypads platform to source, fundraise and structure your deal in a streamlined, hassle-free manner

AngelList Platform Capital

Raise from a select group of professional
investors on AngelList.

Seamless closes

Investors close into your SPV electronically. AngelList takes care of fund formation docs and wires too.

Tax Preparation

We prepare tax returns and K-1 distributions for the lifetime of your investment.

Close your deal — and relax

After you sign the Purchase Agreement, wire the money to the underlying issuer or transferor, we will deal with your administrative and accounting matters for the lifetime of the SPV.

Our Portfolio

Lilypads boasts of an extensive, diversified portfolio of institutional, stable properties across a wide variety of prime locations and sectors in the commercial real estate landscape ranging from multifamily, industrial, office and retail properties

Built With Intelligence In Mind

Built With
Intelligence In Mind

Built With Intelligence In Mind

Built With
Intelligence In Mind