Lilypads for Lenders

Whether you are an Investor or a Lender, gaining visibility into your portfolio is easier within the Lilypads ecosystem that streamlines your decision making and automates closing

Powering faster, smarter lending decisions

At Lilypads, we see thousands of deals a year and we know it takes time and effort for you to review deals and figure out what you can offer. We do the work upfront to bring you just the deals that you’ll be a great fit for and have a shot at winning

Why invest through Lilypads?

At Lilypads, we see thousands of deals a year and we know it takes time and effort for you to review deals and figure out what you can offer

100% of projects fully paid back

You will receive your capital plus interest, once the project you invested in is complete and the investors or General Partner has repaid

The Lilypads Shield

Lilypads utilizes industry leading blockchain security system backed by SEC regulations for safeguarding your investments

Up to 8% per year backed by first
charge security

Invest through Lilypads to earn the dual benefits of up to 8% returns per year on investment along with first charge security

Our Unique Selling Proposition

The Lilypads system is built to detect complex data patterns, best under writing practices for a specific asset, surrounding activities that could affect asset value before and after purchase and intelligently identify true owner of records

No messy & confusing spreadsheet

Every deal we send you comes in a clear and easy-to-review package. Gone are the half-completed spreadsheet templates and napkin scribbles. No more dozens of pages of fluff for you to mine through for the basic numbers. Everything you need is at your fingertips saving you time and eliminating confusion

Size up a deal quickly

Our community wants feedback quickly. We’ve built loan calculators and sizing tools right into the deal overview, so you can quickly size-up the deal without needing to download, copy, reformat and reformulate the numbers

Integrate directly with Lilypads

We’ve built integrations and offerings with lenders to help further reduce the work required to provide feedback on a deal. Our integrations team has solutions available for every type of lender from national banks with custom underwriting platforms to local lenders looking to scale

Streamlined and Simplified Vendor Payments

Lien Waiver Management

Sync with your current software to boost efficiency

Integrate with your existing project management and accounting tools to automate and fine-tune functions

Create and send an array of lien waivers

Pick your desired template and then select all applicable subcontractors and vendors to create and send lien waivers instantly

Improve team wide synergy

Enhance job efficiency through increased team-wide collaboration on the Built dashboard

Compliance Tracking

Digitize Documentation

Digitalize crucial compliance documents and electronically manage all legal documentation

Improve Organization

Use the digital filing system inside the Built dashboard, to categorize files and easily locate them when needed

Guarantee Compliance

Notify your subcontractors via email to submit necessary documents and set future reminders to ensure timely compliance

Vendor Payments

Digitize Disbursement

Eliminate paper checks and pay your subs and vendors through faster ACH/wire transfers, credit/debit/virtual cards, real-time payments or check from Built

Regulate payment approval

Set certain criteria for payment approval, such as a specific date, a signed lien waiver, or the receipt of a necessary compliance document

Enhance payee experience

Add value to payee experience by allowing them to choose how they want to get paid

Fast, digital and transparent

Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of the future. You can trust our data-centric approach

  • CRE Financing
  • Mezzanine & Preferred Equity
  • Co-GP, LP & Joint Venture
  • Net Lease Properties
  • Industrial Real Estate
  • Bridge Financing
  • Construction Financing
  • Loan Sales & Lines of Credit
  • Performing, Sub-Performing & Non-Performing Whole Loan Sales
  • Bridge Lender & Note Buyer LOC
  • Loan-on-Loan Financing
  • Acquisition Facilities
  • A-Note Bifurcation
  • Advisory & Transaction Services
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Capital Stack Optimization
  • Risk Scenario Analysis
  • Loan Servicing

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