1.What is the period of an ACH transfer?
2.What is Auto-Refill?
3.How can I fund my account automatically?
4.How can I connect my bank account to my funding account?
1.How can I learn about the wiring instructions on Lilypads?
2.Can I send a cross-border wire?
3.How long does it usually take for a wire to arrive?
4.Does Lilypads charge any fees for wire transfer?
1.What is a self-directed IRA?
2.What type of IRA accounts does Lilypads offer?
3.What are the charges for investing via an IRA account?
4.Is it possible to invest with funds in an existing IRA account?
1.How can I withdraw money from my account?
2.I can’t withdraw money from my account and it shows an error message. Why?
3.Why can’t I see the wire that I sent, in my account?

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