1.What are Lilypads Venture Funds?
2.What are the services and benefits of Lilypads venture funds?
3.How do LP subscriptions work?
4.How are subscriptions funded?
5.Can LPs increase, decrease, or cancel their subscription?

1.How do distributions work in Lilypads Venture Funds?

2.How does Lilypads calculate ownership for distribution?
3.If I subscribe to a Minimum Subscription Period, how will it affect my distributions?
4.How does carried interest work in Lilypads Venture Funds?
1.How do I receive tax documents?
2.What happens if a Lead or GP reinvest their management fee?
3.If an LP qualifies for a management fee waiver or a platform fee waiver, why are they still required to pay the full amount up-front?
4.Can LPs each have different commitment terms?

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