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The Lilypads platform has created an unprecedented network of data providers. When you’re transacting on Lilypads, you are transacting on a deal flow network that encompasses leading industry data providers from across the industry


Identify and discover lucrative deals and commercial real estate assets among our database with our AI asset matching algorithms


start investing in promising investment deals and infrastructure projects in just 4 easy steps


Lilypads facilitates comprehensive SPV administration and deal management from identifying leads to soliciting capital

Discover the best real estate
near around you

The new way to
structure a deal

The new way to
structure a deal

Focus on dealmaking

Everything is sorted in a beautiful, integrated platform

Real-time legal structuring

Tailor your vehicle with clicks. By being able to update your fund documents in Real-Time, you make investors' negotiations last hours instead of months

Blazing fast investors' onboarding

Collect your investors' subscriptions instantly thanks to a streamlined, fully-digital investor onboarding and subscription process

Legal and governance swiss knife

Implement required policies, pass various resolutions, get FATCA/CRS reporting and update your committee easily

Compliance and security

Invite all your stakeholders to a safe, permissioned online dashboard to execute your deals in a secure environment

Quality accounting and reporting

Administration doesn't have to be complex, we make it a joy to work with

Manage Your Account

Professionally manage relationships and interactions with your investors within a robust Deal management system—from capturing leads to gathering interest in new offerings, to collecting capital

Investment management

Investors can access a summary of their investment positions, and their invested and distributed capital 24/7 in real-time

Streamline Your Day-to-Day

Communicate with prospective investors and track their degree of interest. Manage investor commitments & get notified

Streamline Waterfall Distributions

Calculate distributions faster with an intuitive waterfall distributions tool that reduces the risk of error and makes auditing easier

Securely Exchange Documents

Email investors personally, or in custom groupings, or en masse. All communications are tracked automatically for easy reference

Fast, digital and transparent

Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of the future. You can trust our data-centric approach

  • Publicly fundrise
  • Raise on a deal-by-deal basis

  • Acquiring and introduction to LP's via Lilypads platform. Vetted capital network algorithm for top tier deals

  • KYC/AML checks for all LPs and GPs
  • Conduct review of investments for lifetime of the fund to ensure compliance with fund thesis

  • Turn Key Special Purchase Vehicle setup
  • Generate standardized fund agreements and formation documents
  • Prepare regulatory filings and registration services on behalf of the funds
  • Setup and manage all fund bank accounts and handle wiring funds
  • Streamline fund transfer and distribution process

  • Dedicated account manager to help run fund operations and answer questions
  • Dividend Re-investment
  • Auto Invest
  • Create and manage investment goals
  • Invest via RIA
  • Directly allocate the funds

  • Streamline all investment after professional review of term sheets
  • Track active investment by cost, value, multiple and date
  • Market index the CRE investment landscape
  • Provide live valuation, position and finance reporting
  • Provide all capital balance valuation details and IRR return information

  • Provide fund manager with a secure online portal to communicate with fund LPs
  • Generate template for investor updates
  • Store record of communication for future reference
  • Automatically generate portfolio updates based on curated public data sources

  • Manage a fully electronic and integrated closing process for LPs
  • Execute and store investment documents digitally
  • Blockchain ledger to track LP commitments, contributed capital and distributions
  • Prepare and distribute capital call notices through Lilypads platform
  • Mark valuation information available at any time through the Lilypads platform
  • Email notifications sent to LPs each time GP provides an updates

  • Maintain fund ownership ledger and capital account
  • Conduct payment of ongoing fund registration and tax expenses for the life of the fund
  • Prepare tax return and K-I distributions for the life of the fund
  • Track and allocate income and expenses by tax characteristics

  • Facililate payment of fund expenses(covered in the fund LPA) from the fund's balance
  • Support and calculate investor management fees
  • Maintain accounting transaction log, downloadable by GP at any moment
  • As per fund requirements, maintain books and records of the fund
  • Track all accruals
  • Ensure fund accounts held at bank/custodian are accurate
  • Determine daily calculation of the net asset value of the fund
  • Support live valuation of the fund based on the latest valuation data provided

  • Provide quarterly or annual cash-basis financials
  • Provide quarterly GAAP financials
  • Support audit response for institutional LPs
  • Fee waiver per successful invite

  • Manage all investments from one dashboard
  • View the funding status for each investor
  • Seamlessly manage your investors and other general partners
  • Network with investors and other general partners

  • Factor analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Economical analysis
  • Drawdown analysis
  • Correlations
  • Performance attribution
  • Asset category analysis

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