We know that you are being pulled in a million directions, and have your pick of dozens of deals to spend time on. But look no further than Lilypads to expand your reach, maximize the value of your real estate assets and gain competitive advantage.

The right deals for you, in an accurate and easy-to-digest package.

At Lilypads, we see thousands of deals a year and we know it takes time and effort to review deals. We will do the work upfront and you can spend less time worrying about reviewing, sizing-up, quoting and closing the right deals.

Our Unique Selling

Lillypads is a real estate investment platform that bridges the gap between investors and great investment opportunities by leveraging the latest in technology.

No cluttered & confusing spreadsheets

Bid goodbye to mining through numerous half-completed spreadsheet templates, broken formulae and napkin scribbles to estimate the basic numbers. Every deal we send comes in a clear and easy-to-review package that reduces your hassle.

Size up a deal quickly

Our community appreciates faster feedback. We’ve created loan calculators and sizing tools right into the deal overview, so you can quickly size-up the deal without needing to download, copy, reformat and reformulate the numbers.

Integrate directly with Lilypads

We’ve built integrations and offerings with lenders to provide precise feedback on a deal. Our integrations team tailors solutions for every lender types ranging from national banks with custom underwriting platforms to local lenders looking to scale.