Lilypads Credit Partners

  1. What are Lilypads Credit Partners?
2.How do I back Lilypads Credit Partners?
3.What do I commit to when I back Lilypads Credit Partners?
4.Where can I see all the Lilypads Credit Partners I have backed?
5.Can I increase my investment?
1.How will I receive deal invitations?
2.Can I control the deal invitations that I receive?
3.Can I share deal invitations with others?

4.Is it possible to cancel my investment?


1.What are admin costs for Syndicate SPVs?
2.What is the minimum amount I must invest as an investor?
3.What information can I see about a deal?
4.Where are the closing docs for a deal?

5.When will I receive the signed documents?

6.How can I resolve any query that I have about a deal?
1.What are Direct deal invites?
2.How can I receive Direct deal invites?
3.Can I control the types of direct deal invitations that I receive?
4.Can I opt out of Direct deal invites?

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