How can I increase the number of applications to my syndicate?

Probably the most effective way to boost applications to your syndicate is to engage in myriad great deals and deal flow. To ensure that your syndicate appears high on the LP’s search for syndicates, the best strategy is to undertake maximum numbers of active deal flow. Needless to say, a higher number of deals and deal flow will be proportionate to the number of applications to your Syndicate.

In addition to this, when you bring a superior deal to the platform, it translates to a greater chance to be sent out to the Lilypads LP Network. Our Crowdfunding Capital Network (CCN) consists of high net-worth individuals who receive invites to the best deals on the platform, and if they like any deal they often choose to back the syndicate. Furthermore, once your deal qualifies for Platform Capital Invites ( PCI), you can search for LPs in the network and send up to 1000 invites for your deal. It is a great way to get positive responses as the LPs generally back good deals.

How do I accept or reject applications?

The invite feature in the LP network section of your Investor Network Profile (INP) you can view and respond to opportunities. Here each application will show up individually, so you can singly review, accept, reject or simply skip and move onto the next invite.

How can I prevent LP’s I don’t know from applying to my syndicate?

To prevent receiving invites from LPs you don’t know, you can opt to update your privacy choice and make your public syndicate private via your INP settings, whereby your deals will only be sent out to the Lilypads LP network consisting of high net worth individuals.

Are syndicate investors accredited?

Yes, most syndicate investors are accredited whereby they are required to verify their accreditation status to continue fundraising publicly. Most importantly, the investors must be accredited according to the SEC regulations which will further authenticate the degree of their sophistication and accreditation.

What are the fees for Lilypads platform LP’s?

Lilypads charges 5% carry on investments from these LPs. For instance, if you charge 20% carry you will receive 15% for these LPs. Lilypads will take the remaining 5%.

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Investing in venture capital funds is inherently risky and illiquid. It involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for sophisticated and qualified investors.