How do I make an investment?

To invest, go to the CCN tab on your Investor Network Profile. There you will see offerings by Lilypads. You will need to click the ‘Make Investment’ or ‘Pledge’  button and start inquiring about the particulars of your investment within a secure deal room.

Can the Lilypads venture funds invest in SPVs?

Yes. Lilypads venture funds have the flexibility to invest in SPVs that are either on or off the Lilypads platform. However, when an LVF will invest in such SPVs, it will be considered a non-qualifying investment. Therefore it cannot exceed 20% of the quarterly fund size. 


Moreover if the SPV is on the Lilypads platform, it will be warranted that the LPs in the Lilypads Venture Funds don’t pay multiple levels of fees.

How long does it take for an investment to close after I submit an investment?

After you have submitted an investment, the Lilypads team will review it and revert to you within 2-3 business days regarding the closing of an investment.

Where can I see my total invested amount?

You can see your total invested amount on the Overview page as well as in your Investor Network Profile in your fund Dashboard.

Where can I see an overview of the total capital committed to my fund?

For the uninitiated, Closed capital is the total capital that has been officially closed into your fund. On the other hand, Committed capital is the capital that an LP has Committed to sending, but has not yet sent the amount.


You can see the total capital committed and closed into your fund on the Fundraising tab of your Lilypads Venture Funds Dashboard.



This help page and the information contained herein is provided for informational and discussion purposes only and is not intended to be a recommendation for any investment or other advice of any kind, and shall not constitute or imply any offer to purchase, sell or hold any security or to enter into or engage in any type of transaction.

Investing in venture capital funds is inherently risky and illiquid. It involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for sophisticated and qualified investors.