What is the legal structure of Lilypads Credit Partners?

Generally, the legal structure of an LCP is equivalent to the legal structure of each quarterly Venture Fund. In other words, an LCP and quarterly Venture Fund are identical in their legal structures.

What is the process and timeline for setting up a Lilypads Credit Partners?

The first stage of setting up LCP entails collecting key information and specifics about your goals for the loan Syndicate. We also aim to discuss crucial details like fee schedules and closings. Therefore, based on the information collection and defining your goals for the loan Syndicate, this pre-launch process usually takes about 2 weeks to wrap up.


The next stage will involve the sharing of the aforementioned information with the LPs. At this stage, we will focus on creating and launching the Business Network Page which will include a pivotal exposition of the partnership and its economics, your loan investment track record, legal agreements, and a closing flow for the LPs to legitimize their subscriptions and commitments to the partnership. Like the previous step, this procedure is expected to take 2 weeks.


Once the business network page has been created and launched, you will have customized links for LPs to visit your private Deal Room page. 


The last stage in the formation of LCP constitutes the initial closing process where you can formally execute the closing once you have collected single or multiple subscriptions from LPs. The timeline can vary as it depends on when the LPs complete their subscription to invest.

Where will the key characteristics of my fund feature?

If you navigate to the pre-launch stage in the setting up of a Business Network Page, you will see that we gather various attributes for your loan Syndicate in the initial stage of the onboarding process. These attributes or characteristics will feature in the pertinent parts of your loan Syndicate page, and your funds’ legal documents.


To elaborate, some of the crucial characteristics of your loan Syndicate include your fund’s marketing and legal name. Furthermore, it can also include your target fund size, capital calls, and management fees.

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