How do I use invite links for the LPs?

You can use Custom Invite Links from your GP Dashboard. There, you can also create custom subscription amounts and durations and also include different carries and management fees in each link per LP. Therefore, you have to tap on the LP invite link button to get started.

How do subscriptions to Lilypads Venture Funds work?

In the Lilypads Venture Funds, you must subscribe to a per quarter amount. This amount will then be invested into various deals which will be chosen by the fund manager in each quarter. However, if the full amount is not invested by the fund manager, it automatically rolls over into the next quarter’s investments. Also, the subscription of the LPs gets auto-renewed unless they cancel it. Therefore the LPs commit capital on a subscription basis.

How do carry and distributions work for LPs in the Lilypads Venture Funds?

When the fund exits the investments, they pay the LPs the remaining returns after the payment of any applicable carry.


Distributions are paid to the LPs on a pro-rata basis when the fund gains a return.

Can the LPs modify or cancel their subscription to the Lilypads Venture Funds?

For the LVFs that do not have a minimum quarterly commitment, the LP can increase/ decrease or cancel their subscriptions at any given time by conforming to the requirements of the subscription program. Moreover, if an LP does not cancel or modify their subscription it will automatically apply to subsequent funds. 


However, some funds have a minimum number of quarters that the LPs must commit to. In such cases, the LPs must refrain from canceling or decreasing the subscription before they have reached their minimum quarterly commitment. But they can always increase their subscription amount.

How are the subscription amounts decided for the LVFs?

Individual GPs can customize their funds’ subscription terms. Based on their capital and subscription length, the GPs set subscription minimums.

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