Smart contracts in commercial real estate transactions

The commercial real estate market today is steadily adopting Blockchain in its operations today. Real estate transactions using blockchain—a market Statista predicts will grow from $339.5 million last year to $2.3 billion in 2021. A notably paper-based industry, the commercial real estate market is using Blockchain-based smart contracts. This helps to automate its transactions, boost […]

An introduction to smart contracts and automation

Smart contracts

Smart Contracts are the most potent tool of Blockchain today. Due to its self-executing automation, many industries are adopting it today to relieve the challenges in their transactions. A definite face of digital transformation, smart contracts are locking in outstanding, triple-digit growth in various businesses. The global Smart Contracts market size is projected to reach […]

How fractional ownership is changing the commercial real estate

fractional ownership of commercial real estate

Commercial real estate has always been a popular asset class for investors. It holds a long term potential for generating stable, passive income and guaranteed steady returns. However, the illiquid nature of the commercial real estate market, combined with the big-ticket, size and cumbersome administrative tasks have always been barriers for investors. But thanks to […]

Commercial real estate deal management with Blockchain

Blockchain is one digital tool that is largely disrupting and revolutionizing commercial real estate deal management. Digitalization is increasingly disrupting the real estate landscape today. Recent years have seen an upsurge in the adoption of technology in various aspects of the business. From digitizing paper-based tasks to the automation of payments, the ubiquity of ‘touchless’ […]

Blockchain in real estate investment: unlocking change

Blockchain today has emerged to be the one true disruptive technology to be reckoned with. Its implementation across several industries ranging from banking, real estate, and healthcare to retail, travel and telecommunications goes far beyond cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Restoring the much-needed transparency, security and speed in financial transactions and supply chain management, the global Blockchain […]

Blockchain in Real Estate: a much-needed revolution

The world today is on the brink of an extraordinary revolution driven by “the great growling engine of change-Blockchain”. From banking and finance, supply chain management and healthcare to Government, security and transportation, Blockchain is disrupting conventional industrial arrangements, one after another. Fortune Business Insights studies that the global blockchain market size in 2019 was about […]