5 steps of a commercial real estate transaction process

Every commercial real estate investing follows a similar lifecycle. This is known as the commercial real estate transaction process. It is also referred to as a commercial real estate deal process. A Commercial real estate transaction is the process of transferring the rights of commercial property like office space, industrial multifamily rentals or retail, etc, […]

The impact of Hybrid Workplaces on commercial real estate

hybrid workplaces

The outbreak of COVID-19 and prolonged lockdowns led to the adoption of remote working all over the world. However, companies across major industries are slowly permitting physical working from offices, as more employees are getting fully vaccinated. But, the hybrid work environment has forced the companies to rethink their office portfolios and reconfigure their workplaces […]

Is tax lien investing profitable?

tax lien investing

Tax lien investing is an indirect way of real estate investing. If you want to invest in a real estate business you can buy tax lien certificates rather than buying properties. Moreover, it also gives you a return. Through this blog, we are delving into the details about tax lien investing, including its benefits and […]

Blockchain real estate: transforming the market in 2021

blockchain in real estate

While technology has not caused tectonic shifts in the real estate industry in the past, Blockchain real estate has emerged as a crucial driving force in the industry recently. Blockchain platforms are instrumental in the ongoing transformation in the real estate market with their decentralized, peer-to-peer networks that eliminate intermediaries thereby reducing the costs of […]

Using a self-directed IRA to invest in real estate

self-directed IRA

In the commercial real estate market, investors are constantly looking for creative funding ideas to earn maximum returns. The ability to utilize retirement funds for diversifying their investments with commercial real estate has made it easier for financiers and builders to acquire a commercial property with the fees and costs being directly paid from their […]

How to calculate rental property cash flow?

rental property cash flow

Investors before diving into the real estate industry should know how to calculate rental property cash flow. As cash flow is the lifeline of the rental real estate business. Through this blog, you are going to acquire a good idea about investment properties with good cash flow. We will make you understand how to use […]

What is Cap rate in commercial real estate?

cap rate in commercial real estate investment

The capitalization rate, also known as cap rate, is used in commercial real estate investing as an important metric for determining the rate of return that a potential investment property can generate. Diligent investors consider any investment’s profitability and return potential through a pro forma financial projection of the investment using this metric. However, real […]

A beginner’s guide for Crowdfunding investments in real estate

Crowdfunding investments in Real estate is an emerging trend that enables smaller investors to be a part of lucrative projects with minimal investments. In this blog, we will discuss how crowdfunding investments in real estate unlock profitable investment opportunities for individual investors, thereby helping them to achieve their investment goals in the long run. What […]

How are SPACs disrupting commercial real estate?

SPACs in real estate

Often referred to as a “blank-check company”, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies or SPACs are cash shell companies that make a private business public.  A public-sector trading firm with substantial cash as their only assets, SPACs focus on a singular idea of purchasing another company, and make more profits.  While SPACs have a specific target of […]

Why is build-to-rent housing attracting multifamily investors?

multifamily investment in build-to-rent housing

Homeownership has been harder than usual in the United States with 1 in over 8 American Adult, struggling with student loans and other financial hardships. Therefore, build-to-rent homes are in high demand, thereby proving to be a lucrative area for real estate investors to expand into in 2021. What does the term Build-to-rent (BTR) refer […]