Top 5 benefits of co-investment in commercial real estate

benefits of co-investment in commercial real estate

Several real estate co-investment platforms are emerging today that provide large investment opportunities to real estate investors. As these real estate or investment platforms pool funds from investors to invest in real estate, each co-investor earns a fraction of the asset based on their capital contribution and the asset’s overall price. Like any other investment […]

5 steps of a commercial real estate transaction process

Every commercial real estate investing follows a similar lifecycle. This is known as the commercial real estate transaction process. It is also referred to as a commercial real estate deal process. A Commercial real estate transaction is the process of transferring the rights of commercial property like office space, industrial multifamily rentals or retail, etc, […]

1031 exchange rules for investors

1031 exchange rules

Savvy commercial real estate investors utilize the 1031 Exchange strategy to diversify their holdings and expand their portfolios. Furthermore, they can also increase their net worth faster. So, if an investor wants to sell their commercial assets, they must seek the popular tool of 1031 exchange to maximize their profits and avoid paying capital gains […]

Mezzanine debt in commercial real estate

mezzanine debt

Mezzanine debt helps commercial real estate investors bridge the gap between their equity and the senior debt a lender will provide them. It provides the possibility to earn a higher return rate on their investment. It’s a form of subordinated debt. Now, let’s go through mezzanine debt commercial real estate in detail. What is a […]

Property classes in commercial real estate

property classes in commercial real estate

There are various types of commercial real estate property classes and types. Each of these property classes has different characteristics. Therefore, while commercial real estate investors have a wide variety of investment options in this asset class, it is noteworthy that they should carefully analyze individual property classes in commercial real estate before investing in […]

Predictive analytics real estate: Top 5 use cases

predictive analytics real estate

While Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) is gaining relevance in real estate, predictive analytics is also disrupting the market in several ways. From value prediction and property search to portfolio management and predictive maintenance, predictive analytics real estate is instrumental in implementing non-traditional variables of underlying data to churn out data-driven insights for accurate […]

Is tax lien investing profitable?

tax lien investing

Tax lien investing is an indirect way of real estate investing. If you want to invest in a real estate business you can buy tax lien certificates rather than buying properties. Moreover, it also gives you a return. Through this blog, we are delving into the details about tax lien investing, including its benefits and […]

Blockchain real estate: transforming the market in 2021

blockchain in real estate

While technology has not caused tectonic shifts in the real estate industry in the past, Blockchain real estate has emerged as a crucial driving force in the industry recently. Blockchain platforms are instrumental in the ongoing transformation in the real estate market with their decentralized, peer-to-peer networks that eliminate intermediaries thereby reducing the costs of […]

How to calculate rental property cash flow?

rental property cash flow

Investors before diving into the real estate industry should know how to calculate rental property cash flow. As cash flow is the lifeline of the rental real estate business. Through this blog, you are going to acquire a good idea about investment properties with good cash flow. We will make you understand how to use […]

What is Cap rate in commercial real estate?

cap rate in commercial real estate investment

The capitalization rate, also known as cap rate, is used in commercial real estate investing as an important metric for determining the rate of return that a potential investment property can generate. Diligent investors consider any investment’s profitability and return potential through a pro forma financial projection of the investment using this metric. However, real […]