Why are Opportunity Zones Investments better than 1031 exchanges?

Opportunity zones Investments

For a long time, 1031 exchanges have continued to allow real estate investors to defer capital gains tax. With 1031, the investors roll their investment deals forward to another ‘like kind’ exchange for an indefinite period while deferring taxes on the way. However, the advent of opportunity zones has proven to be a viable alternative […]

Top 5 tax benefits of apartment investing in 2021

tax benefits of apartment investing in 2021

An apartment investor can benefit from several tax incentives. Unlike stocks and bonds, commercial real estate and rental property investments offer several tax benefits. These often outpace the property’s cash flow and Net Operating Income (NOI). The current income tax laws allow apartment investors a host of benefits. These include depreciation, opportunity zone tax incentives, […]

Opportunity Zone investments: a complete guide for real estate investors

opportunity zone investment

Opportunity Zone (OZ) in commercial real estate is a topic of conversation that is trending these days. OZs were created as a part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It acts as a solution to stimulate economic growth and create jobs in some of the country’s most economically impoverished areas by incentivizing investors […]