Types of Real estate crowdfunding investments

Although Crowdfunding is a relatively newer subject in Real estate, it has quickly gained popularity in the mainstream investment arena. Hence, its growing demand has led crowdfunding investment vehicles to be further branched into subdomains. The ‘perfect crowdfunding scheme’ is an investment myth. So, the method that aligns with one’s risk tolerance and returns expectations […]

Why are Opportunity Zones Investments better than 1031 exchanges?

Opportunity zones Investments

For a long time, 1031 exchanges have continued to allow real estate investors to defer capital gains tax. With 1031, the investors roll their investment deals forward to another ‘like kind’ exchange for an indefinite period while deferring taxes on the way. However, the advent of opportunity zones has proven to be a viable alternative […]

A beginner’s guide for Crowdfunding investments in real estate in 2021

Crowdfunding investments in Real estate is an emerging trend that enables smaller investors to be a part of lucrative projects with minimal investments. In this blog, we will discuss how crowdfunding investments in real estate unlock profitable investment opportunities for individual investors, thereby helping them to achieve their investment goals in the long run. What […]

A 2021 guide for Asset Allocation in Real estate

asset allocation in real estate

Investors and entrepreneurs today focus on smart allocation strategies that guarantee value creation that withstands market crashes and global economic crises like that of COVID-19. Therefore, besides investing in traditional stocks and bonds and equity spaces, investors are keen on building a real estate portfolio. Reports estimate that over 10% of most entrepreneurs’ global portfolio […]

How can you use rental property depreciation for tax deductions?

tax deductions depreciation

Before we jump into how to maximize rental property tax deductions, let’s take a quick sneak through how real estate depreciation actually works. Simply put, Depreciation refers to the process of subtracting the deductible expenses of buying, modifying, or renovating a rental property. Instead of taking away a lump sum amount in the current year […]

Investing in hotel conversions to affordable housing post-Covid

hotel conversions to affordable housing

The ongoing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have mostly been unfavorable to the hotel industry. Unceasing travel restrictions and lockdowns severely affected hotel occupancy rates, forcing the owners to eventually abandon the hotel buildings. However, real estate investors are seeking opportunities in the distressed hospitality landscape with their conversion to affordable housing units. On August […]

The future of real estate crowdfunding after COVID-19

real estate crowdfunding

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on real estate investments. Several institutional quality investment plans have temporarily halted during this phase. However, the advent of real estate crowdfunding benefits both sophisticated as well as boutique investors. Hence, they can get their unfinished projects rolling in full swing. In this blog, we will […]

What is real estate syndication: the basics of investment

real estate syndicate

The real estate industry is historically rigid and illiquid. However, real estate syndication enables limited partnerships and passive investors to source, purchase, and cultivate actual properties. The group of investors who partake in real estate syndication can pool their skills and resources to access premium investments. In turn, the investor receives steady passive income. In […]

Top 5 tax benefits of apartment investing in 2021

tax benefits of apartment investing in 2021

An apartment investor can benefit from several tax incentives. Unlike stocks and bonds, commercial real estate and rental property investments offer several tax benefits. These often outpace the property’s cash flow and Net Operating Income (NOI). The current income tax laws allow apartment investors a host of benefits. These include depreciation, opportunity zone tax incentives, […]

State income tax benefits for real estate investors and REITs

state income tax benefits for real estate investors

Real estate remains one of the most popular and lucrative investment strategies for accumulating long-term wealth. In addition to creating a steady residual income and portfolio diversification real estate offers a number of tax advantages. Ranging from commercial real estate investments to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and private placement investments, real estate provides big […]