What is Cap rate in commercial real estate?

cap rate in commercial real estate investment

The capitalization rate, also known as cap rate, is used in commercial real estate investing as an important metric for determining the rate of return that a potential investment property can generate. Diligent investors consider any investment’s profitability and return potential through a pro forma financial projection of the investment using this metric. However, real […]

Types of Real estate crowdfunding investments

Although Crowdfunding is a relatively newer subject in Real estate, it has quickly gained popularity in the mainstream investment arena. Hence, its growing demand has led crowdfunding investment vehicles to be further branched into subdomains. The ‘perfect crowdfunding scheme’ is an investment myth. So, the method that aligns with one’s risk tolerance and returns expectations […]

A beginner’s guide for Crowdfunding investments in real estate

Crowdfunding investments in Real estate is an emerging trend that enables smaller investors to be a part of lucrative projects with minimal investments. In this blog, we will discuss how crowdfunding investments in real estate unlock profitable investment opportunities for individual investors, thereby helping them to achieve their investment goals in the long run. What […]

Top 5 tax benefits of apartment investing in 2021

tax benefits of apartment investing in 2021

An apartment investor can benefit from several tax incentives. Unlike stocks and bonds, commercial real estate and rental property investments offer several tax benefits. These often outpace the property’s cash flow and Net Operating Income (NOI). The current income tax laws allow apartment investors a host of benefits. These include depreciation, opportunity zone tax incentives, […]

Net operating income (NOI): how to utilise it for higher profits and returns

net operating income (noi) in commercial real estate

Real estate investments are a hotbed of profits and financial returns. However before committing huge amounts of money to the development, purchase or renting of commercial properties. investors must carefully evaluate profitability and risks associated with earning that profit. Creditors and investors in real estate use several metrics to calculate a commercial property’s potential returns. […]

Cannabis REITs: a venture high on profits

Cannabis REITs for cannabis industry

The Cannabis Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) industry has been witnessing tremendous growth in the past few years. With the legalisation of marijuana in over 30 states for its recreational and pharmaceutical usage, institutional and individual investors are now eyeing the flourishing Cannabis REIT sector. Investors invested billions of dollars in the Cannabis REITs over […]

Equity REITs vs Debt REITs: key differences

REIT investment equity REIT Debt REIT

REITs are gaining popularity among retired investors to maintain a diversified source of income in retirement. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) safeguard the financial stability of an investor irrespective of the size of their nest egg. Besides higher yields, REITs today allow investors to expand their landscape of retirement investment beyond stocks and bonds. Depending […]

How technology in Real Estate is disrupting the industry

real estate

PropTech or Property Technology is on the rise and it is encouraging digital innovations in the real estate investment sector. Hence, it is evident that technology in real estate is no longer a myth, but a reality.  Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Blockchain are some of the emerging technologies in real estate. These are disrupting […]

Blockchain in real estate investment

Blockchain in real estate is restoring much-needed transparency and efficiency in the core real estate operations. But also, blockchain is transforming real estate investment processes.  This article will walk you through how private permissioned blockchains implement property tokenization, fractional ownership, and crowdfunding to ease real estate investments. Types of blockchain Public permissionless blockchain A public […]

Blockchain in Real Estate: use cases and benefits

The world today is on the brink of an extraordinary revolution driven by “the great growling engine of change-Blockchain”. From banking and finance, real estate, and healthcare to Government processes, Blockchain is disrupting existing industrial arrangements, one after another. In this blog, we will discuss the various applications and benefits of Blockchain in real estate […]