Where can the LPs see my fund’s individual investments?

Head over to the Fund settings tab in your lead dashboard to select a particular fund. In the ‘Find Values’ column, you can click for the LP who you want to have visibility into the overall performance of your fund. Similarly, if you would want the LP to view the individual investments you have made from the fund, you must navigate to the Investment Values Column.

How can I regulate what valuation data my LPs see?

If you navigate to the Valuation Data Page in the Settings section of the Dashboard, you can set defaults for your LPs in the LP default tab. You can also set visibility for individual SPV Syndicate deals or Funds. 

If you turn on Valuations, your LPs can visit their investment portfolio to see the valuation data for individual SPV deals. 

If you turn on the Fund Investment settings, the LPs will see the values of your fund’s individual investments instead of a single value for the entire fund.



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