How can I determine which investment caused a change in my portfolio valuation?

Your Investor Network Profile (INP) Dashboard displays a combined value of your Portfolio. However, a Fund Sponsor or GP has the discretion to control the investment data on an investor-by-investor basis. You can reach out to your fund Lead to enable your access to valuation data.

Even though a vehicle I have invested in has made a new round-up, why hasn’t the valuation of my investment changed?


Valuations are often based on data that run behind for several months. If it has come to our knowledge that your financing did a new round up four months ago but it is still not reflected in your Portfolio of investments, please mail us at [email protected]

How are the valuations determined for Lilypads Advised Funds?

Investments on Lilypads are valued with industry-standard conventions according to ASC 820.


For those assets and vehicles starting, Lilypads values them according to the price that is paid in the asset’s latest financing round. These prices are usually reported by the fund Lead or other Investors.


Those assets and vehicles that have not received investments in a priced round since their last valuation, are generally held at the last valuation. Otherwise, these are also marked down according to our valuation policy that requires early-stage investments to zero when they are on the brink of impairment.


In some cases, we also send these investments to third-party valuation providers to identify their most authentic value. However, such a requirement of assessment from third parties arises in the final stages of larger investments. This is because, here, standard valuation processes are incapable of capturing the investment’s share market value.

Why can I see unrealized value even though a vehicle has already made its exit?

After acquiring a vehicle, the acquirer generally retains some portion of the purchase price for meeting contingencies. This retained amount of the exit consideration takes several years to realize after its exit. In some cases, a small portion of the exit proceeds comprise stocks in a private vehicle acquirer. Hence the acquirer’s stock value remains unrealized for a long time.

Why is a vehicle’s exit not marked up in my INP dashboard?

Since the valuations that are reported in the news are often based on non-authentic information, Lilypads valuation policy sources its valuation listings from the information that is gathered from the Lead and the vehicle itself. 


In addition to this, you may experience some delay in the listing on your Dashboard because Lilypads does not update your Dashboard with the valuation data until the exit is complete and Lilypads has validated the valuation itself.

What is the meaning of ‘locked’ shown in my investment’s net value column,?

As mentioned earlier, the Lead sponsor or GP of a fund has sole ownership over the valuation data. Therefore, you can reach out to your GP and ask them to enable this facility for you whereby you can view the valuation data yourself.

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