How to create a Real Estate security token

An end - end suite
Implement the full security token journey,from creation and issuance, to management and corporate actions.
Industry-wide compatibility.
We’ve collaborated with leaders from across the commercial industry to develop and launch the Lilypads network and a protocol for creating smart contracts to be adopted across the industry.
Access to our ecosystem
We work with trusted KYC/AML, legal, broker-dealer, custody, and advisory partners to help you  from token creation to issuance and beyond. 
Security Offerings
General information such as prospectus and white paper are presented. Issues specify offering agreement..
Ownership of a branded experience.
Provide your clients with our security token technology while owning the client relationship and experience.
Ongoing regulatory compliance.
Lilypads allows security tokens to be jurisdictionally and regulatory compliant. Our platform continues to evolve as the security token market matures and regulations change so that your token can adapt to meet those changes.
Single Asset Tokenization
Design and provide a modular security token smart contract suite, including tokens, register of members, dividends and compliance protocol.
Fundraising Management System
Management system that supports all the fundraising details, including asset structure tokenization, share class setting, shareholder management, fundraising progress and investor whitelisting.
Digital Register of Members
Digitize analog register of members to enable seamless tracking of ownership while automatically upholding the company registry standard of corresponding jurisdiction.
Corporate Action Management System
With blockchain technology, Lilypads empowers major corporate action management activities be done online, including voting, dividend distribution, secondary token Issuance and even drag-along activities.
Deal Information Portal
From browsing deal information, signing subscription contracts and sending payment, the Lilypads DIP provides an end-to-end digital and blockchain-based solution for investors to purchase Security Tokens of their choice.
Asset Management
The asset management portal keeps track of investors' assets, allows for receipt of dividends and transfer of security tokens to whitelisted investors.
Token Settlement Layer
Liquefy will act as a settlement layer for performing instantanous clearing and delivery versus payment using smart contract on blockchain.

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